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Most discussions about what motivates people to bet generally begin with a comparison of the game with life. And yes, life is a game of chance, every time you breathe, it can be the last. Getting out of bed in the morning can lead to what you will do in the end, but we all get out of bed almost every day. But betting on a casino gives us an opportunity that we generally don’t have in life.

Here are the main answers we receive:


Las Vegas in the last 10 years has become a popular destination for families. Las Vegas has many attractions for families. And at night after the children go to bed, there is also a lot of adult entertainment.

To win and get rich

Of all the respondents, these people seemed the least crazy. They came to the casino hoping to get rich and leave work and live a good life, but they also know that there is a good chance that everyone has to get up on Monday morning and return to work. Read  more at .

Money problems:

It seems that there are many people who believe they can solve money problems through the game. Most people, who claimed that money problems were the reason they were playing, lost more money than they originally had, and if they hadn’t played, they wouldn’t think about it. Bad one in this group said they managed to earn the money they needed.

Online Gambling

Great place for a wedding:

Apparently, a wedding at some big casinos in Las Vegas or Atlantic City is becoming popular, obviously, the casinos will offer you an excellent price for a wedding hall and rooms for your guests, of course, they do, knowing that the guests will spend money in a casino, so giving a good bet, the wedding there will be the best interest

Have fun

These people had the right idea, but could not believe how low they scored on the list. The fun should be the number one reason for the game. They just wanted to have fun, take a short trip to the Casino, have free drinks, play some games, and if they win, it’s good, but if not, it’s also good. These people fell with a certain amount that they could lose and not get angry or break, and stick to it. All these people seemed to have achieved the goal, and none of them complained about how close they were to the great success or what if they had just done this or that.

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