Gambling: The Negative Effects

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Gambling is fast becoming one of the addictions that cut across all ages in society. In the United States for instance, it is estimated that around 10 million people are living with a gambling addiction condition. This addiction normally occurs when someone continues gambling despite the negative ramifications impacting their relationships, finances and well-being.

Hiding Only Helps To Delay Solutions

Those who struggle with a shopping or gambling problem often hide their issues due to shame plus the need to maintain secrecy. This one does not help them but delays treatment and recovery. In effect, the gambling problem can result in other grave consequences such as severe debt, failed relationships and loss of jobs.

How To Identify Problem Gambling

Someone with a gambling problem suffers several mental health problems such as depression, mood disorders and anxiety. Gambling problems, however, can affect more than just mental health. Those who struggle with gambling benefit a lot from getting treatment. Family counseling as well as financial coaching is a crucial part of recovery.

Does Problem Gambling Cost Your Community?

According to studies, over $6 billion is lost yearly on gambling addictions. The ramifications of this problem are far reaching and can cause strife in companies and individuals. Public assistance programs, prison systems, and legal systems are all bearing the burden of problem gambling in society.

Some of the social gambling addiction problems include:

  • Bankruptcy
  • Forced sales of homes
  • Increased unemployment rates
  • Poor mental and physical health among individuals and their families
  • Check forgeries and fraud
  • Increase in drugs and alcohol abuse

Impact of Gambling On Families and Individuals

It is obvious that the addicted person will suffer during gambling addiction. Nonetheless, the family of that person will also face myriad challenges. The stress being experienced by the problem gambler is likely to result in irritable behavior, arguments and secrecy. Financial strains will always have an impact on family members.

The children of someone addicted to problem gambling equally suffer numerous challenges as follows:

  • To begin with, when either of the parents are consumed in an addiction, emotional neglect is bound to occur. It can get worse and reach abandonment, including even physical abandonment.
  • Problem addiction is often associated with stress and irritability. In most cases, these misplaced emotions are turned on the children. If not, the children will feel the tension in their parents and start getting distant.
  • Last but not least, these children stand a higher risk to experience their own addictions in their future lives.

Chronic Problem Gambling

By all means, anyone addicted to problem gambling can get a new lease of life if they sought help. For those who do not, compulsive gambling can lead to devastating ramifications. Most people will use their debit cards, credit cards to pay internet gambling groups or casinos. As a result, meeting daily needs will become a challenge.

Eventually, the person starts incurring debt to solve their needs in the hope of repaying once they win. Even if it happens that one wins in their gambling activities. They will still use the money to gamble even more in the hopes of earning more. It is through such engagements that they lose all they had.

With financial problems, relationships will definitely be damaged. If you have a family that you can no longer support yet you earn a living, it becomes a concern to close family members. You start becoming a burden to them and slowly they start shunning away. As people close to you start avoiding you, it eventually leads you to losing sight of the goals you had in life.

Effects Of Untreated Gambling Addiction

Every day, the average adult is exposed to so many gambling opportunities. Even at the office, staff members will hold betting pools whenever there is a big football match. When you go to grocery stores, you will find scratch off tickets placed nicely underneath the clear plastic at the check-out line. Along most freeways, you will not miss to spot large billboards touting the latest jackpot in which you could be the lucky winner.

The invitations and temptations to gamble are all over you. Nonetheless, how you choose to tackle such temptations will make the difference. Gambling often starts as fun to many, but it can cost everything you have. This is not so different from other addictions. For the preponderance of people, the gambling opportunities are just mere games.

They will enjoy betting and may strike it big every now and then. But when they have no cash to bet, or there are no appealing games to bet upon, they simply stop gambling. Others however, will find it very difficult or even impossible to stop the habit. This is what gives rise to compulsive gambling.

Below are three most prevalent effects of gambling if it goes untreated.

Family Strife

First off, family problems become the order of the day. Studies have revealed that nearly all compulsive gamblers in the world often have issues with families at home due to this addiction.

Yet again, financial devastation is a sure deal! Gambling is not an assured deal where you place your bet and win. When you place your life’s earnings on such odds, chances are you may lose it. But it gets worse when this becomes a habit. Most people do not know it until they are bankrupt. This is because such gamblers will go to the extreme of ends to get the money they need for gambling. Eventually, the person will resort to desperate measures, which are out of character. Stealing and taking large loans to satisfy gambling addiction is not in any way helpful.

If you thought compulsive gambling effects are only restricted within the family, you are wrong! Research has shown that loss of jobs is very high among compulsive gamblers. They may either miss work, or come to the office highly distracted. In addition, these addictions will interfere with your relations at work, hinder promotions and eventually lead to loss of jobs.

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