A short guide to identifying legit online casino site from fraudulent ones

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Thomas Brown
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The prevalence of online casinos is considered to be a major factor why the gambling industry continues to thrive in this age of technology where people are a lot more concern about their time rather than their pleasure.

Gambling which is known to be leisure time for many people, it also evolved as the technology continues to become more advanced which is why the online casino is very popular. Each month, new online casino sites are being launched offering more convenience, bigger jackpot prizes, and other exciting promotional offers to gamblers, however, which one can you entrust your money with?

In this post from ole777, let us talk about the important ways in choosing a legitimate online casino site to prevent yourself from becoming a victim of a fraudulent online casino site that will surely ruin your entire experience playing online casino.

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Nowadays, it is difficult to spot a legitimate online casino site from a fraudulent one because of the ability of these fraudsters to become cleverer, however, you can follow these steps outlined below to help you identify the real from fake ones.

  1. Legit sites have a license to operate gambling activities online– Usually, a legitimate online casino or online poker site has its license displayed at its landing page’s bottom area so that the customers can easily tell that they are legally operating their gambling site. The online casino sites are usually licensed by different private and government-based regulatory commissions just like what the ole777 strictly follows.
  2. Legit sites are completely secured– The online poker site should always post a logo, usually at the bottom portion of the landing page. The security registration logo should be of the company that provides them the security registration and the encryption information for both the site and player security.
  3. It contains important information on its landing page– The copyright date of the site should be of the latest as well as other important information. Having updated copyright is a good sign that the online poker site operator pays attention to the details of their site, the software they are using and other important aspects that needs to be patched and updated regularly.
  4. Should have clear terms and conditions– It is a requirement for all of the online poker operators to provide a link for their customers to read their terms of use, their service terms, and their terms and conditions, as well as their privacy policy to help their customers understand their policy and their rules. It is also important for them to provide contact information that will connect them to their customer service representatives.
  5. Informative site content– Providing more useful information like a player tutorial, responsible gambling guide, and other useful stuff on their site means that the operator can be trusted enough. This means also that the online poker operator takes the necessary actions to protect both their company’s reputation and the security of their customers. This is very important especially if the operator is presenting a new feature of their online poker games and new features of their site that needs instructions and mechanics for players to know.

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